Certification, guarantees and special services

Gondrand boasts official certification, guarantees and special services which confirm and round off the offering for its clients.

  • UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 Certification.
  • Satellite traceability of all vehicles.
  • IELA International Logistics Association for Trade Fairs
  • IATA International Air Transport Association
  • ICEFAT International Convention of Exhibition and Fine Art Transporters
  • Armed escorts
  • Catering
  • Customer assistance with hostesses and hotel bookings
  • Traceability


    Whatever vehicle is chosen in relation to the type of delivery, it will feature a tracking system that permits localization of the vehicle or its load at any moment. The traceability of the route affords control over everything including exact delivery times, while the monitoring makes the transport…
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  • On-site Agent

    On-site Agent

    The on-site agent is the official carrier for trade fairs. Present with offices and staff inside the fair pavilions, the agent receives material from correspondents, exhibitors and transporters and coordinates all the services linked to the mounting and dismantling of the fair: loading and unloading…
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