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I nostri servizi Fine Art hanno cambiato Brand!

Gondrand by Fercam è diventata FERCAM Fine Art. Anche se noi restiamo gli stessi, le nostre news, le nostre foto e i nostri contatti si sono spostati qui:

Per qualsiasi necessità e richiesta, potete continuare a contattarci anche tramite il form di contatto Gondrand, il Team di FERCAM Fine Art si metterà in contatto con voi al più presto. 

Siamo onorati e lieti di poter condividere con voi il nostro Restyling e nuovo Brand! 

Transport of Works of Art: Gondrand Fine Art department

Specialised National and International Service

The moving of works of art is an extremely delicate and complex task. The cultural and human value of the Artistic Heritage we deal with is often far greater than its commercial value. For this reason, a great deal of experience, professional ethics and passion for our sector are fundamental.

Gondrand, leader in logistics for the transport of Works of Art, offers its customers a careful and specialised service on the national and international territory, which is the result of a solid combination of years of experience and innovative techniques. Gondrand's Fine Art service is tailored to our customers' needs, whether they are Museums, Galleries, Auction Houses, Artists or Private Collectors. The service includes the possibility of an All-Risks warranty on transport and moving, depending on the value of the works of art being transported.

A complete service, from packaging to set-up

Gondrand relies on highly specialised technicians, who follow unique transport methods and set up exhibitions of great importance. From the design of packaging for works of art, transport, technical and logistical structuring of trips for moving works of art, to the preparation of exhibitions, we ensure maximum availability to customers at all stages of the process.

Each of these individual stages of moving is duly monitored and structured in accordance with the technical specifications of the works entrusted to our care.

Our storage premises are also available for displaying the works and for photographic services.

Gondrand trasporto opere d'arte

A wide range of additional services:

  • Design and development of museum crates
  • Completion of Fine Arts practices
  • Care of customs import and export processes
  • Condition Status Check of the works of Art
  • Cataloguing the goods entrusted to our care
  • Creation of ad hoc time schedules for transport logistics
  • All-Risks Warranty Practices
  • Courier Services (Accompanying Works service)
  • Collaboration in the study and development of technical layouts for installation and hanging

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