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The structure and the Gondrand offices

A historic yet cutting-edge removal company

Founded in 1866, Gondrand immediately established itself on the market with cutting-edge solutions compared to its competitors, passing from horse-drawn vehicles to the iconic yellow vans, which today characterise the brand, and integrating its service with land, sea and intermodal traffic. Today we have branches throughout Italy.

We continue to develop ambitious projects and take care of the selection and training of increasingly prepared and professional employees. Gondrand is synonymous with attention to detail and attention to following every project step by step. When it comes to important goods or goods of personal value, we need specialists who know how to work together, well coordinated by an organisational centre that knows every team, every means, every technical possibility.

For this reason, there is nothing standardised in Gondrand's services, but everything is tailor-made, especially when it comes to transporting works of art and personal effects.

Depending on the needs of each customer, we also offer:

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