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FAIM certification renewed for GONDRAND by FERCAM

The excellent performances verified by Ernst & Young, according to the FIDI Global Alliance standards, led to the renewal of the FAIMPLUS certification for GONDRAND by FERCAM. The FAIM brand is a globally recognized guarantee of service quality, as it is the first and only assessment program reserved for the international removals sector.

The certification is issued in recognition of full compliance with the strict requirements of the FAIM 3.2 protocol, demonstrating consistent quality in procedures and operations, compliance with FIDI standards in terms of data protection, anti-trust and anti-corruption, a high performance level extended to the whole supply chain – suppliers included, as well as documented financial stability. The audit is performed every three years by independent auditors, as a guarantee of absolute neutrality and objectivity of the assessment.

«The quality assessment you have just undergone is the toughest and most strenuous in the industry and we commend you on your results and for adapting to the remote audit procedure», writes the FIDI representative at the time of delivery of the certificate.

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