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After 120 years, Gondrand brings back the group of the Annunciation

A team of experts of Gondrand Fine Arts Department managed the transfer of the sculptures of the group of the Annunciation by Francesco Mochi that was removed from the Orvieto Cathedral in 1897. After almost 120 years, the statues have been brought back to the Orvieto Cathedral. An operation that required special techniques and a dedicated team.

With such an important event, Gondrand writes a piece of history, by bringing back the group of the Annunciation. Gondrand Fine Art team has recently successfully completed  the transfer of the first two sculptures of the Annunciation. The rest of the statues will be moved at different stages throughout the year.

Innovative anti-seismic technology

To guarantee the stability and safety of the sculptures in the event of earthquakes up to the 4° and 5° degree of the Mercalli intensity scale, an anti-seismic system has been placed at the base of each sculpture. The use of this special technologies required a different and more complicated positioning technique.

A team of 8 Fine Art experts and dedicated equipment was needed for such a delicate movimentation.



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