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Relocation & immigration: for those moving abroad

Support for all transfer practices in Italy and abroad

Moving abroad can be an exceptional but challenging experience. Gondrand by FERCAM is the partner that offers a bureaucratic support service for all transfer procedures in Italy and abroad, allowing you to enjoy your stay in the new destination.


Gondrand by FERCAM's specialist professionals will assist in your transfer abroad with all your needs, from preliminary orientation to house search, from user activation to your departure, as well as support during your stay.

We offer individual services or packages tailored to your needs, ensuring a high level of support.

Servizio relocation

The relocation service includes

  • PREVIEW TRIP: orientation visits to the place of destination before the transfer.
  • TEMPORARY ACCOMMODATION: identification of housing solutions for short transfers or when waiting to take possession of the final home.
  • ORIENTATION TOUR: the accompanied tour provides an in-depth overview of the area, services and facilities and the functioning of the rental market.
  • HOUSE HUNTING PROGRAMMES in accordance with the company's budget and policies. We assist you throughout the process of searching for a house up to the handing over of the keys, including accompanying you during viewing the properties, negotiating contractual terms and conditions and connecting utilities.
  • SCHOOL SEARCH: Choosing the right school for your children can be a decisive factor in a transfer. We arrange school visits and provide assistance until your registration is complete.
  • DEPARTURE SERVICES: At the end of the transfer, we will cancel the existing contracts, from the cancellation notice to the property, to the turning off of utilities, from the negotiation for the restoration of the property to the return of the security deposit, all in order to facilitate your departure.
  • ADDITIONAL SERVICES: pick up from/to airport, continuous support and tenancy management, language training


Getting in touch with immigration authorities takes time and can be very complex. That is why the Gondrand by FERCAM staff provides complete assistance from the preparation and presentation of documents to the authorities, right up to their collection.

We also obtain documents for you, such as the certificate of pending charges, criminal records, birth, death or marriage certificates, degree certificates, etc.

Upon request, we can provide for the translation of documents for immigration processes, as well as for document legalisation, asseveration or notarisation.

Servizio di immigration

The immigration service includes

  • Registration with the national health system
  • Tax code
  • ID Card
  • Licence conversion
  • Car registration
  • Work permit
  • Blue Card
  • Residence permit and renewal
  • Visas
  • Family unity/reunification

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