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Gondrand, a service for every relocation requirement

Professionalism and competence for private and company removals in Italy and abroad

Facing a relocation is always challenging: changing country, city, or even just neighbourhood involves a certain amount of emotional fatigue. Gondrand can help you organise your stress-free relocation in Italy and around the world.

Removals in Italy

Entrust Gondrand with your relocation throughout the country:

  • highly qualified staff to guarantee a complete service, from the preparation of the initial quote to the execution of the removal
  • availability of warehouses for greater flexibility of service
  • a guarantee of greater savings and efficiency, thanks to the partnership with the FERCAM Group, which boasts a vast network of branches in Italy

Removals abroad

Gondrand offers relocation solutions for all destinations worldwide:

  • a network of highly qualified agents, who are part of the major International Moving Agent Associations.
  • our internal Air and Sea department allows us to guarantee the best market prices with the major companies, as well as a fast and secure service.
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To guarantee our quality service, Gondrand is a member of the IAM (International Association of Movers), where it gets advice each year from the world's leading experts on the proper execution of international services.
We are also part of FIDI, the association of major international movers, which is a guarantee of quality, fairness and competence.

We also pay close attention to environmental sustainability when conducting our business.

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